11/01/2021 Update


Just an update and clarification of new conditions due to the recent directions from the Queensland Government and Health Department.

Until 1am on Friday the 22nd the following applies at the NVT:

  • Masks are mandatory until you are seated for drinking or eating.
  • Masks must be worn when moving around the tavern, when ordering at the bar or ordering food
  • Masks must be worn in the gaming room
  • Must remain seated while drinking and eating
  • 1 person per 4 square meters
  • Maximum size of a group is 20
  • No dancing allowed
  • Social distancing still applies
  • Customers must still sign in via the QR code, website or if you are a member you can sign in through the kiosks at the main entry
  • All front of house staff will be wearing masks

In regards to our Cellarbration bottle shops – masks are mandatory at any time, including drive thru.

All restaurant and function bookings with groups larger then 20 that have already been booked will be contacted today. Restaurant will be open as normal with reduced seating so we highly recommend booking to ensure we have a seat for you. This Friday 15th Jan there will be NO DJ and NO Raffles.

I will keep you updated if I have new information and once again thanks for supporting the NVT.



12/08/2020 Update

Easing of Restrictions – Stage 3

Due to our Covid Safe plan that we adhere too there is no change in our trading conditions.
Please help us keep you and the staff safe by completing a legible contact tracing form or scanning QR our Code when you come into the venue (members swipe your card), remain seated when consuming food & drinks and remember to social distance.
Restaurant 37/47 can sit groups of up to 30 per booking. Bookings are not essential but to guarantee we will have a spot available for you we do recommend it.
Thanks for choosing to enjoy everything we offer at the tavern and I will see you all next time you are in.


1/07/2020 Update

Easing of Restrictions – Stage 3

GM Statement 1/07/2020

As of this Friday the 3rd of July, at 12 noon our trading conditions ease.

We can open gaming, have larger numbers in all areas and you can approach the bar for a beer or to order food. Our kids play area in the restaurant will also be able to open.

Our trading hours will return to normal as of Friday as well.

Social distancing & contact tracing is still required in the NVT – so entry is only through the main foyer and it is a requirement to fill out a contact tracing form before being served.

Restaurant 37/47 can now sit groups of up to 30 per booking. Bookings are not essential but to guarantee we will have a spot available for you we do recommend it.

Enhanced sanitizing will still be performed by the staff and table service will now end – I hope everyone enjoyed this.

As always, our Superstore, Drive Thru and bottle shop at the shopping center remain open at normal times.

Finally, the following services will NOT be available at this time – entertainment (DJ & live music), courtesy bus & functions. Also, takeaway food will cease as of Thursday at 7.30pm.

I would like to thank all the customers and our staff that have continued to support us over this time and we look forward to seeing more of you over the coming weeks.



10/06/2020 Update

Easing of Restrictions – Stage 2

GM Statement 10th June

Welcome back!

Since Saturday we have started to get into the groove of doing table service both in the Restaurant and the Bars. I hope you are all enjoying this service and thank you for your patience.

We have now successfully reopened the Restaurant, Sports Bar, TAB Area and Lounge Bar – TAB & Keno services are now being provided.

We have all our beer taps flowing (except 4x Dry – which will come out soon and I am excited to taste this on tap) and lots of different beverages to choose from.

Our Superstore, Drive and Bottle Shop next to Woolies are still trading as per normal and we have lots of stock.

So just wanted to finally clarify a few things:

  • If you are feeling unwell – please don’t come in just yet, we’ll still be here when you feel better, I promise
  • Entry is only though the main entry foyer (exit will depend what area you are sitting in)
  • You must sanitise your hands when you arrive (there is a station at the main entrance)
  • You must fill out a contact tracing record, giving details of every adult in your party
  • You must remain seated, we will come to you
  • Book a table for the restaurant, always on 34911000 – we are limited in seating and we have set seating times
  • We are limited to 20 people in each area (because we have a large restaurant we can have 3 lots of 20 people dining at any one time), if we don’t have room you will not be allowed entry, sorry
  • We are still limiting groups to 10 max
  • You can bring a cake if you are celebrating a birthday – but we cannot touch the cake or store it, we can give you a knife and some plates to serve however
  • You can bring balloons, we will not supply at the moment, and you must take them with you when you leave

We are not taking function bookings at the moment as we still do not have information on what Stage 3 restrictions apply

So as before Welcome Back, thanks for supporting us and I will see you all real soon


04/06/2020 Update

Easing of Restrictions – Stage 2

Due to easing of restrictions we are reopening this Saturday, 6th June at 11am.

We will be opening Restaurant 37/47 and the Lounge Bar to begin with.

With the opening comes some restrictions:

  • There is a maximum on customer numbers of 20 in each area (due to the size of our restaurant and a couple of other excellent developments we can sit customers in 3 areas)
  • Entry through our Main Foyer area only. You will need to provide your name, address, and contact details – this is for contact tracing and the records are kept for 56 days and destroyed.
  • You must remain seated and our lovely staff will take your order at your table (sit back, relax, and enjoy the service)
  • If you have been overseas in the last two weeks and/or if you are feeling unwell, please do not come and see us just yet – we miss you and we will see you very soon
  • Physical distancing and hygiene measures will be in place. Please make use our hand sanitizer stations available throughout the venue.

Restaurant 37/47:

  • Bookings are essential to allow us to control numbers
  • Card payment only
  • Maximum of 10 in each booking at lunch & dinner
  • There will be 2 seating per session
  • Lunch 11.30 – 1.00 & 1.15 – 2.45
  • Dinner 5.30 – 7.00 & 7.15 – 8.45
  • Our playground will remain closed at this time

Lounge Bar:

  • Maximum of 20 patrons allowed at any one time
  • Drink table service provided (no food)
  • Maximum group size of 10 patrons

Regarding member’s draws, raffles, food promotions and any other regular promotions within the venue, unfortunately these will be placed on hold. As will the use of vouchers. We have plenty of ideas for brand new promotions already so look out for when restrictions are relaxed.

Gaming remains closed. All Function bookings have been put on hold until further notice. Sports Bar will open next week, further details will be given over the weekend.

Takeaway will still be available, with no changes. Please call to place your order with pick up in drive thru.

Thanks for being dedicated to my tavern; I hope I have answered your questions. Cannot wait for all the bookings to come in and to see you all again from Saturday at 11am.